Looking For A Jammer That Will Jams Wifi And Mobile Signal

Q: Hello i am looking for a jammer that will jams wifi and mobile signal but let my staff and my mobile through please let me know if there is such a jammer or point me to a jammer that will just jams signal just in a single room.

A: Now the signal jammers on the market cannot identify mobile phone numbers and mobile phones https://www.jammer4uk.com/product/6-band-handheld-3g-4glte-wimax-phone-jammer-and-wifi-with-band-control-switch, and they only block signals of different bands.

But you can choose this best portable 2G 3G 4G WiFi jammer , put it in that room, close the door, the shield radius is 6-8 meters.

So your phone signal is unaffected outside the room!

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