I am trying to get a device that blocks TV and cell phone calls in Finland?

Do you have a jammer that can block EU cell phone (3G,4G,5G) ?
GSM 925-960MHz
DCS 1805-1880MHz
3G 2110-2170MHz
4GLTE Low 738-821MHz
4GLTE High 2570-2690MHz
WIFI2.4G/4G2300 2300-2485MHz
5G3500/5G3700 3400-3800MHz

UHF 400 – 700MHz (digital DVB-T2 TV)?
FM Radio 87-108MHz
RC-315 315MHz
UHF&CDMA450 400-470MHz
RC-433 433-434MHz
5G600 617-698MHz
4G700 700-803MHz
From 400-700, we can only shield the above signal frequency band.

Also would it be possible to block only mobile calls and not data? If I use LTE data and block the rest?
Sorry, they will be blocked together!

Are the jammers hard coded or can I alter the blocking range later with some software?
Sorry, the machine customized by our engineers for you cannot be adjusted by yourself!

Range would need to be roughly 40M.
Please confirm the above information first, and then we will confirm the distance problem!

All seem fine as long as this UHF 400-700MHz is blocked? That list says UHF would be blocked only at 400-470Mhz or am I missing something? I need the whole EU TV signal down. Can you confirm this does it?Locally there is 4 UHF TV channel frequencies. 522MHz, 554MHz, 690MHz and 626 Mhz. Then there is also 490, 674, 498 and 562Mhz nearby. So if I understand this correctly the signal blocker should be able to block signals between 400MHz and 700Mhz in order to function properly and block EU UHF TV. As long as all digital TV channels and LTE/4G goes down I am happy. I dont need to be able to configure it.

How about this jammer:
Custom 10 Bands Portable Handheld Wireless Microphone (VHF & UHF band) Signal Jammer
Antenna: 10pcs omnidirectional antennas
Jamming Radius: ≤ 15m (still depends on the signal strength in given
Frequency Bands(can be customized):
1. wireless microphone 1 (VHF band): 135-175MHz
2. wireless microphone 2 (VHF band): 175-230MHz
3. wireless microphone 3 (VHF band): 230-280MHz
4. wireless microphone 4 (UHF band): 400-470MHz
5. wireless microphone 5 (UHF band): 470-520MHz(490Mhz 498Mhz)
6. wireless microphone 6 (UHF band): 520-570MHz (522MHz 554MHz 562Mhz)
7. wireless microphone 7 (UHF band): 570-620MHz
8. wireless microphone 8 (UHF band): 620-700MHz(690MHz 626Mhz 674Mhz)
9. wireless microphone 9 (UHF band): 700-800MHz
10. wireless microphone 10 (UHF band): 800-900MHz
Single Output Power(each band): 30dBm / 1W
Battery Type: Built-in 7.4V 4500mAh Li-ion battery, can continuously
work for 2-3 hours on a full charge
Power Supply(Charger): AC100-240V or DC12-36V, can be charged by
DC12V car cigarette lighter
Dimension: 170*100*50 mm excluding antennas (with antennas height
in 300mm)
Weight: 800g
Because it is a customized special frequency jammer, the price is relatively expensive:   £399.00
This jammer can only block some phone signals can not block ALL 4G signals.



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