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How to block CalAmp LMU-330 GPS Tracker with GPS Jammer

The CalAmp LMU-330 GPS Tracker is designed to provide real-time location tracking, and people may be interested in learning about the accuracy of the device, as well as its ability to track vehicles or assets in different environments. But the CalAmp LMU-330 GPS Tracker also annoys drivers: 1. Being watched by the boss on my […]

Why do you need to block the tracking of Waze APP with a Waze Jammer?

Waze is a free traffic navigation app that runs on Apple devices and devices based on Google’s Android mobile operating system and Microsoft’s WindowsPhone, and has users in about 190 countries around the world. Waze uses GPS information from mobile devices to obtain information about road traffic flow, thus providing drivers with better driving routes. […]

How to Block Samsara CM31 CM32 VG34 Dash Camera

The Samsara CM32 Dash Camera is a high-definition, Internet-connected dash camera designed to prevent accidents, exonerate drivers, and lower fleet costs. Dual-facing cameras simultaneously capture driver- and outward-facing video and automatically upload and analyze footage of accidents, harsh driving, and other events of interest. Samsara’s intuitive cloud-based software provides reporting tools that enable fleet operators […]

How to Buy The Right 2G 3G 4G 5G WIFI GPS Jammer (United States)

The frequency of mobile phone signals in the United States is quite different from that of the United Kingdom/Europe, but many American signals are not really put into use! The following is an American customer’s doubts about the 2G 3G 4G 5G signal in the United States: Hi, The WIFI/Bluetooth/GPS frequencies in your list cover […]

Guide to block masternaut trackers!

Today let us discuss that how to prevent a masternaut tracker telematics system from tracking your location! How the masternaut technology works(here are some examples from google)? Masternaut Three X offers dual protection to remote workers: The Leeds-based company has drawn on its expertise in GPS and GSM to develop the products that include M-Guard. […]

Guide: How to block 2G/3G Vehicle Trackers with jammers?

Normally, 3G Vehicle Tracker is Connecting with Car Original Fuel Sensor! In the following cases, you may want to block the Vehicle GPS Trackers temporarily! 1. Taxi operation management: want to take more distance to earn more money for your family! 2. Rent car management: do not want the car rental company to know your […]

Where to order your gps jammers?

Many people want to order gps jammers from ebay or amazon, let us check if it is feasible for you! 1. First we go to Amazon global site to search gps jammers: Also, let us search “gps jammers amazon” from google: 1) List all items are about: Cell Phone Anti-tracking Anti-spying GPS Rfid Signal Blocker […]