How to block CalAmp LMU-330 GPS Tracker with GPS Jammer

The CalAmp LMU-330 GPS Tracker is designed to provide real-time location tracking, and people may be interested in learning about the accuracy of the device, as well as its ability to track vehicles or assets in different environments.

But the CalAmp LMU-330 GPS Tracker also annoys drivers:
1. Being watched by the boss on my driving track, I have no free time
2. Being watched by the traffic police, you can’t speed properly
3. Being stared at by colleagues, you cannot transfer extra money using company vans

So how to block this annoying gps tracker under special circumstances?

Let’s take a look at what signal(Cellular/Network) it uses to locate and transmit the information to the server?

Americas Variant HSPA/UMTS/GSM/GPRS: 850MHz/1900MHz
Europe Variant GSM/GPRS: 900MHz/1800MHz


So you have several jammers that you can temporarily choose to interfere with the normal operation of the CalAmp LMU-330 GPS Tracker:

1. Money saving option(2G/GSM+GPS jammer):
Frequency 1(America Market Frequency): GSM 850: 850-960MHz, GSM 1900: 1805-1990MHz, GPS L1: 1500-1600MHz
Frequency 2(Europe Market Frequency): GSM 900: 925-960MHz, GSM 1800: 1805-1880MHz, GPS L1: 1500-1600MHz

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2. Cost-effective option(2G/GSM+WIFI+GPS L1 L2 jammer):
Band-1: LBS Tracking(Location Based Service): GSM 900MHz
Band-2: LBS Tracking(Location Based Service): GSM 1800MHz
Band-3: GPS Tracking-GPS L1 / Galieo L1 / Glonass L1 / BD1-L / BD2-B1: 1520-1670MHz
Band-4: GPS Tracking-GPS L2 / Galieo E5b / Glonass L2 / BD2-B2+B3: 1200-1300MHz
Band-5: WiFi Tracking-2.4G WiFi / Bluetooth / BD1-S: 2400-2500MHz

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3. A more perfect choice(2G 3G 4G 5G GPS L1 L2 WIFI):

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