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How to Buy The Right 2G 3G 4G 5G WIFI GPS Jammer (United States)

The frequency of mobile phone signals in the United States is quite different from that of the United Kingdom/Europe, but many American signals are not really put into use! The following is an American customer’s doubts about the 2G 3G 4G 5G signal in the United States: Hi, The WIFI/Bluetooth/GPS frequencies in your list cover […]

It seems that I am suffering from a jammer living next door

Hi, It seems that I am suffering from a jammer living next door. The signal strength in my study room ranges from -105 to -125dBm. My smartphone calls are disconnected every few minutes.(sometimes with electronic noise, too) My securitiy cameras censors are paralized and disconnected every some seconds. PC and it prepherals are out or […]

Tips: where to download FREE cell phone signal jammer app/apk?

We know some friends are searching the free signal jammer app/apk on Google. So we want to test them to check if they really can achieve the desired effect, even if it is a little bit! Phone Signal Jammer APK: TESTED: It is only for fun with the friends. You will hear strange music, […]

Why Boss Needs Cell Phone and WIFI Jammer?

We have to admit that smartphones and internet network really bring us unlimited convenience in modern information times. We are able to do online shopping easily with our smartphones and network(cellular or WIFI), we listen to the latest pop music/songs easily with a simple search & click, we can keep up with the feeds on […]