USB GPS Jammer for Car – Incognito GSM 2G Black Box Jammer


Jamming Frequencies:
GSM 900/UMTS 900/LTE 800: 925-960MHz
GSM 1800/LTE 1800: 1800-1920MHz
GPS L1: 1550-1610MHz

Effective range of 2-8m(Block radius)

It can be powered by Cigarette Charger USB, Power Bank and OBD to achieve 7*24 hours of jamming.

It is a dual-core positioning blocking device to block GPS+GSM(GPRS) both!

Why to block 2G GSM(GPRS)?
It will automatically pass the built-in GPS The SIM card actively realizes GPRS GSM positioning, also upload your location information to the remote GPS positioning system!

Does it block your cell phone signals?
No, it only blocks the 2G/GSM signal but has no effect on the 3G 4G 5G signals, so you can answer calls.

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