NEW! Car Gps Tracker Jammer | Black Box Jammer | LBS/GSM/GPS/WiFi Positioning Tracking Signals Jammer

£217.00 £179.00

Non Stop Working
No built-in battery for low heat generation
It can be supplied by external mobile power supply
Applicable vehicles(All kinds of large and small cars): Lorry, Trucks, Roadster, Car and son on

Frequency Bands (can be customized):
Band-1: LBS Tracking(Location Based Service): GSM 900MHz
Band-2: LBS Tracking(Location Based Service): GSM 1800MHz
Band-3: GPS Tracking-GPS L1 / Galieo L1 / Glonass L1 / BD1-L / BD2-B1: 1520-1670MHz
Band-4: GPS Tracking-GPS L2 / Galieo E5b / Glonass L2 / BD2-B2+B3: 1200-1300MHz
Band-5: WiFi Tracking-2.4G WiFi / Bluetooth / BD1-S: 2400-2500MHz

Jamming Range(5W Output Power): 1-15 Meters (still Depends On The Signal Strength In The Given Area)

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