Jammer detectors have been simply defined as countermeasures against blocking navigation and communication systems. These detectors can identify where jamming sources are located through radio frequencies in order to stop them from operating. Since jammers have been used for military purposes and by outlaws such as guerillas and terrorists, their detection is needed to bring back communication and navigation systems by destroying or turning off jammers. After all, communication and navigation are the essential factors towards security from a local to global scale.

In the United Kingdom, law enforcement authorities need jammer detector to catch not only automobile thieves and guerillas, but also traffic violators that have communication blocking devices. The common traffic violation committed in Britain is speeding, wherein violators drive their cars beyond the maximum speed rule and they tend to use blocking devices like a car GPS jammer to ensure their escape from pursuing British policemen. Outlaws like armed militants and terrorists can use mobile phone jammers to keep their criminal or terror operations in a low profile, wherein law enforcement officials can use advanced systems to track mobile phone communications. They also use jammers to disrupt communications on devices like television and computers, which can strike fear at the hearts of people who use them. Due to these jamming concerns, British authorities need to utilize detectors to track the jammers and shut them down. Companies like PDA Electronics have manufactured devices like the ECM189 GPS Jammer Detector to provide not only the British authorities but also civilians with jammer countermeasures.

Since these devices are available in the market and are operated with batteries, you can be assured that the detectors can stop any disruption. Jammer detectors are devices that signify the advancement of communications and keeping the lines open for the future.