Why Boss Needs Cell Phone and WIFI Jammer?

We have to admit that smartphones and internet network really bring us unlimited convenience in modern information times. We are able to do online shopping easily with our smartphones and network(cellular or WIFI), we listen to the latest pop music/songs easily with a simple search & click, we can keep up with the feeds on social medias such as Facebook/micro-blog easily via our phones, etc.. But, haven’t you imagined that smartphones and WIFI network also cause a lot of concerns especially for bosses, apart from the convenience they bring ?

1. Cell phones and WIFI cause distraction to employees
I bet that most of the bosses have already realized this problem. The employees become less concentrated on their job due to the fact that part of their attention is spent on constantly checking their cell phones for texts or social media feeds. As a result, employees’ productivity is reduced to a great extent and even severe mistakes can be made.

2. They interrupt important meetings
It’s a frequent occurrence that important meetings often get interrupted by less important activity (e.g. a sudden phone ring) on an employee’s cell phone since the phone is always on.— this could be very annoying.

3. Cell phones may bring physical dangers
This is particularly true for workers in workshops. A worker can be serious injured by using his cell phone while working on a production line, as multitasking and carelessness often screw up things.

4. Confidential information may be leaked
It’s probably that employees mix personal and professional applications on one phone or they may have very private conversations in a public place. Consequently, the companies confidential information may be leaked and great loss may be caused.

What measure should be taken?
Obviously, concerning all of the above problems and risks, cell phone themselves, cellular and Wi-Fi network are to blame. To prevent those problems from happening, cell phone cellular frequencies and WiFi network are supposed to be cut off — cell phone GSM 3G 4G WiFi jammers will be very helpful for bosses to get rid of them all. Cell phone and WiFi jammers can be installed in offices, meeting rooms, workshops and so on, in the hope of getting employees more concentrated on their job and improving productivity.

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