It seems that I am suffering from a jammer living next door


It seems that I am suffering from a jammer living next door.

The signal strength in my study room ranges from -105 to -125dBm.

My smartphone calls are disconnected every few minutes.(sometimes with electronic noise, too)

My securitiy cameras censors are paralized and disconnected every some seconds.

PC and it prepherals are out or order occasionally. TV switch off automatically without using a remote controler.

Alarm keeps on ringing although there is nobody.

I and smartphone camer eyes cannot see beams, but security cameras caught beams in white (perhaps red light).

Another neighbor is also suffering from malfunction of their security cameras.

About a year ago, all security cameras, wifi and bluetoth equipment went down for some days.

The police asked me to investigate using jammer detection companies but they investigate for organizations, not for individuals.

So, I would like to buy one. Pls tell me which one is appropriate. The neighbor has severa light bulbs hanging on the wall.
There may be multiple jammers near my place considering that multiple houses are suffering from disorder of security cameras.

I would like to detect the direction of the jammer and
I need to submit documents so that I need to take photos or print out the detection results.

If I buy one product from you, what kind of procedure should I take? Please advise.

Thank you

Pls try this jammer which can block 2G 3G 4G GPS LOJACK WIFI:


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