I reside between two neighbours in a group of terraced early 1980s houses

I reside between two neighbours in a group of terraced early 1980s houses. Each neighbour at No 22 and No 26 communicate and transmit WiFi signals that activate machines at night.

The machines being activated and run are unknown, however, switches are frequently activated and will freeze my phone and most likely my own computer activity.
Owing to the penetrating metallic resonance suffered by me, my house (24) and as this is a 24/7 basis  (white noise) , I am tending towards this activity being crypto-currency or high powered electronic machines with heavy switches that require cooling fans because miners / ASIC macjinea are notorious for this level of irritation.
They can be heard to power up, power down, be constant or temporary but switches are a regular feature day and night and get triggered either in sequence or run off the same shared business activity. They never get activated simultaneously exactly.
My own house is therefore constantly invaded by switches, some light, some heavy and resonance throughout when activity proceeds.
Several identified routers are at work 24/7, one saying BTHubx5 so perhaps this indicates a network of 5 sharers but I’m guessing. There are 7 houses that surround a common green. Maximum distance between furthest two houses is 30 meters but typically 8 meters apart for (22) and (26).
One house (22) has living occupant who sleeps over, machines can be heard when away during the day, and the other house clearly purchased with this business in mind has night and day machine activity but is unoccupied at night and causes the most annoyance at night – main living house is further up the same road and so regular personal shift visits are required by day and evening.
Thus, my night is constantly disturbed with resonance / switches as the offending house (26) owner sleeps away and the other neighbour (22) simply has to activate machines at (26) in the early hours past 01:00, 02:00 and later on during the night but owing to my house (24) being a shield, sleeps at No 22 are briefly interrupted as switches and Re-sets are required.
Is there some way I can prevent each neighbour from transmitting signals to the other and vice-versa? And perhaps during the day, allowing my own Wi-Fi from going in-interrupted with freezing my screens each time a switch is activated.

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