How to choose a 4G jammer for your local network?

First let’s learn two points of knowledge:

1. What is the difference between 4G and 4G LTE?

4G LET(3.9G) is not a real 4G network! 4G LTE is proposed by 3gpp organizations in response to the advent of WiMAX. 3gpp latest releases lte-advanced which is the full meaning of 4G technology.

2. What is the difference between WiMAX and LTE?

1) The standard of WiMAX is made by the IEEE, The standard of LTE  made by the 3GPP. above two points, the basic agreement is inconsistent, but it is said that as time goes by, will achieve smooth interoperability.

2) WiMAX’s goal is: The realization of broadband mobile, formerly WLAN(WiMAX advantages at the rate, the disadvantage in mobility). The goal of LTE is: Broadband mobile communications, the predecessor of GSM \ WCDMA \ HSPA more than two points(LTE advantages in mobility, disadvantages in the rate).

The final rate results are similar!

3) In the current design specifications, WiMAX is not yet compatible with LTE, but LTE is compatible with WiMAX.

4) In many countries, LTE, WiMAX, HSPA+, 3G UMTS, GSM networks coexist!
Bangladesh: 4G WiMAX; 4G LTE BIEL 2600Mhz planned;
Ukraine: 4G WiMAX/FreshTel 3400 Mhz planning; 4G WiMAX/Giraffe 2400 Mhz planning; 4G LTE Kyivstar 1800 Mhz planning in 2018;
Jordan: 4G LTE Zain JO 1800Mhz; 4G LTE Orange JO 1800Mhz; 4G LTE Umniah; 4G WiMAX (Umniah Umax);

Here are two tools to check the phones frequencies:



3. Let us use the example of the United Kingdom frequencies:

United Kingdom

2G capabilities

GSM 900, GSM 1800

3G capabilities

UMTS 900, UMTS 2100

4G capabilities

LTE 800, LTE 1800, LTE 2600

1) UK has 5 frequencies: 900 1800 2100 800(4G LTE 1) 2600(4G LTE 2) , so a 5-antennas jammer can completely block the UK 4G signals at least!
2) 4 antennas jammers can not completely jam UK 4G signals all!
3) 6 antenna jammers are the best to do this job with additional GPS/WIFI!

4) Only we custom the jammers signals according to the customer’s local frequencies, other stores send same jammers to the world with poor shielding effect!!!

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