How Does a GPS Jammer Work and How to Choose a Suitable GPS blocker

The other day, someone asked a question concerning GPS jammer as follows:
“My car is being tracked by travellers who have been trying to steal my dog. Everywhere I go, they’re following me and I’m sure they’ve stuck a tracker on it.
The question is – does a jammer only work in a small area or would it prevent them from picking up a signal and tracking my car.
If the jammer won’t do this job. do you have anything which will please?”

To answer the above question, let’s first figure out how a GPS jammer works and then find out how to choose a GPS jammer.

The Working Principle of GPS Jammers
GPS(Global Positioning System) uses a series of Earth orbiting satellites for transmitting radio signals. When the signals are received by a GPS receiver, the current position will be determined by triangulation(for calculating location by its three separate points). Then our vehicle’s location will be delivered to GPS receiver with an accuracy of only inches, under triangulation.

GPS can be found in handheld devices and cellular phones, vehicle navigation and positioning systems, and small GPS tracking devices.

Since GPS is only weak radio frequency waves, these waves may be jammed or twisted by using GPS jammers. Usually a GPS jammer emits radio frequency waves that prevents the targeted device within its coverage range from establishing or maintaining a connection. In this way, the GPS device cannot build new or maintain previous connection. As a result, location data won’t be changed and updated. Finally, GPS receiver or the one who want to track us, is unable to get our current position any more. —— This is the simple working principle of GPS jammer.

How to select a suitable GPS jammer ?
However, nowadays some newer version GPS tracking devices use not only GPS signal, but also cellular frequencies (mostly GSM/GPRS, or even 3G or 4G) for cell tower triangulation and transmitting data to the dispatch.

If it’s just a old simple GPS tracker which only uses GPS signal for positioning, then you could buy a Mini GPS jammer to prevent others from tracking on your vehicle.

Otherwise, if the GPS tracking device uses both GPS and GSM/GPRS frequencies for positioning, you will need a GSM GPRS GPS jammer to disable this kind of GPS device.

Finally, if more advanced GPS tracker or navigation system which use GPS, GSM, 3G, 4G and even WiFi frequencies is deployed in your vehicle car, a powerful GSM 3G 4G GPS WiFi jammer will be desirable choice for you.

In conclusion, what kind of GPS jammer you need depends on the frequencies involved in the GPS tracking device inside your car.

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