Are Cell Phone Jammers Legal in Schools?

There have been a lot of disputes concerning whether it’s legal or not to use cell phone jammers in schools, so today’s article will shed light on this topic.

Many governments are considering accepting a law according to which it will be possible for public schools to install cell phone jammers. Believe it or not, cell phone jammers have already been utilized by some schools as a tool to help them maintain discipline, which I personally think is a great measure.

What benefits can cell phone jammers bring to schools?

Improve the discipline in classrooms
It’s well known that we are now living in a modern electronic information times and it’s really easy to get a phone(mostly smartphones) with unlimited text messages or phone calls, so it’s not difficult to imagine what the discipline in the classrooms is. Most of the students are busy texting, surfing on the internet and listening to music instead of paying attention to the class. In this way, cell phones cause serious distraction to the students. So if teachers and directors want to prevent this from happening and get the students’ concentration back, the easiest as well as most effective way is to install cell phone blockers in classrooms.

Prevent deceiving on exams/testings
Another problem that may bother many teachers is that some students cheat on exams, which obviously leads to imbalance between efforts and results. Especially in the universities, it’s really easy to cheat on different exams thanks to micro earphones. That’s why more and more schools start to wonder if it will be better to have cell phone jammers installed in those examination halls, while others already installed these jamming devices. But since the law in some countries bans any types of signal jammers, it will be pretty hard to do so.

In conclusion, as far as I know there are lots of countries that have succeeded in installing cell jammers in schools/universities, so it’s not impossible. Anyway, it’s completely possible to have mobile phone jammers installed in those places– what is important is to show the government that society needs it. We can be sure that cell phone jammers can be pretty useful and can be used for different purposes.

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