A Trackimo™ Universal 3G GPS Tracker Jammer Guide?

Small, light and mpurpose personal GPS tracker! A small light tracking device thaenables you to track anything. Constant real time tracking. Durable. Worldwide covera.

Let us check the Specifications of Trackimo™ Universal:

GSM Platform: MTK6276(GSM+WCDMA(4BANDS), MTK6276 support BT, FM, GPS).
GPS Platform: MTK3337(2G GSM Quad Band, IP45, GPS and LBS Tracking Way).
GSM GSM 850/
GSM 900/ DCS1800/
Sim Card Included(ONLY BLCOKING GPS is certainly useless!)

GSM Antenna size(Antenna so length, so with signal strong!): 10.7 x 30.3 x 8.9mm

Then we recommend that you use the following jammers to block it:

  1. Selectable Portable 6 band 3G 4G(LTE/Wimax) phone and GPS jammer:





2. 6 Bands Powerful Desktop Jammer with 2 External Fans(More suitable for large trucks, desktop, large power signal strong!):





  1. Hi I am looking to purchase my first hand held 4K jammer, and found your very useful website just wanted your advise on what you would recommend for my first personal jammer the use would be for in built up public places like office etc so would like to know which has the better radius, I wait for your reply and look forward to maybe doing business

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