Guide: How to block 2G/3G Vehicle Trackers with jammers?

Normally, 3G Vehicle Tracker is Connecting with Car Original Fuel Sensor!

In the following cases, you may want to block the Vehicle GPS Trackers temporarily!
1. Taxi operation management: want to take more distance to earn more money for your family!
2. Rent car management: do not want the car rental company to know your travel trajectory!
3. Vehicle insurance company management: get more free driving time and route, but do not affect your insurance!

At this moment, you want your vehicles or cars be not tracked completely!

Here we analyze the hardware configuration of these GPS TRACKERS.

GPS+GSM Base Station Dual Tracking
GSM Module: SIMCOM800
GPS Module: U-blox 7Q

SIMCOM800 U-blox 7Q



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