GPS Jammer Reviews 2017

If your vehicle is installed with a black box tracker, you may have the following questions?

1. Could you tell me what device I need to block the car insurance black box?
2. I have a telematic black box in my car fitted by my insurance company so that can track my speed. They use gps to track me and GSM to send the data back to them as far as I know. Would you be able to recommend any jammers that I would be able to use so I can drive long distance with them talking it out of my yearly mileage.
3. I’m trying to jam a signal of a telematics box inside my dashboard of my car that was fitted by my insurance but not affect my phone thats in pocket. This is only to be used in emergency as I have a cerfew on my policy. Is there anything that you can offer?
4. My Company uses the Ecofleet pro tracker system, can it block the signal from that tracker?

Now, Let’s analyze why you need a GPS Jammer:

1. Do not want to be tracked by phones(now 90% more people use 4G network for phones):

2. Do not want the car driving track to be recorded by Insurance black box such as :


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