How to block calamp LMU-330™ GPRS/HSPA/GPS Tracker?

The Calamp LMU-330 is an economical, full-featured vehicle tracking product designed for covert and reliable installation in automobiles. The LMU-330 is an ideal solution for stolen vehicle, vehicle finance, auto rental and other automotive track and trace applications.

Internal antennas for both cellular and GPS.

Messages are transported across the cellular network using enhanced SMS or UDP messaging providing a reliable communication link between the device and your application servers.

Let’s check what signal it uses to request your locations!

Experience The Advantage:

• 1GSM/GPRS/HSPA cellular operation
Quad-Band:850/900/1800/1900 MHz
Output Power:
850 (Class 4) 2W
900 (Class 4) 2W
1800 (Class 1) 1W
1900 (Class 1) 1W
GSM/GPRS/EDGE:Dual band GSM 850/1900MHz
UMTS/HSPA+:Dual band UMTS 850/1900MH
HSPA data rates:5.76Mbps upload/7.2 Mbps download

• High sensitivity GPS(Location Technology: GPS, GLONASS and QZSS)
• 12/24 vehicle operation
• Built-in antenna for easy installation
• Built-in harness
• Power management sleep modes
• 2,000 buffered message logs
• Up to 2 inputs and 2 outputs
• Sealed case option
• Optional backup battery
• Optional 3-axis accelerometer for
motion, til and impact detection
• Optional 1-Wire® interfacefor
temperature sense and driver ID
• 10 geo-fence capability
• Over-the-air update capability for
configuration and firmware

Quad-Band:850/900/1800/1900 MHz? Why Quad-Band?

  1. The 2G capabilities frequency in Europe such as the United Kingdom is: GSM 900, GSM 1800;

2. North American such as the United States 2G capabilities frequency is: GSM 850, GSM 1900;

3. Quad-Band is designed to cover GSM frequencies around the world;

Location Technology: GPS, GLONASS and QZSS?

  1. GLONASS is a GNSS operated by Russia;
  2. QZSS is a GNSS operated by Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA);
  3. Most other countries are using the GPS to achieve positioning;

So now we know clearly which jammer can block calamp LMU-330 tracker?

  1. 2G 3G GPS JAMMER:


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  1. Hi guys;
    looking at your usb gps jammer.
    it looks like i have a calamp 300 gps unit that i have fitted in a works ute .
    I am an expat living in new zealand and just spotted your unit for sale whilst googling.
    Anyway my question is this , it says l1 and l2 jamming , i am not sure what we have here in new zealand ?
    Pointless purchasing odne that will not work over here.
    Anyway all the best .
    Any help would be greatly received.
    All the best.

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